EDUC - International Discussion in Pécs

The International Offices Seminar, organised by the eight member universities of the EDUC consortium in Pécs from 9-11 May, aims to strengthen the links between the offices involved in internationalisation and to exchange ideas on joint degree programmes and research projects. The work, coordinated by the University of Paris-Nanterre, took place in a hybrid format in the Senate Hall of the University of Pécs.

The two-day workshop started on 10 May with presentations on the application and feasibility of internationalisation strategies and the progress achieved so far, and looking ahead to the next phase of EDUC, the focus was on defining the place and role of internationalisation. The eight European member universities, now joined by new members from Norway and Spain, also aimed to further stimulate cooperation within the alliance.

"A very important seminar of the first phase of EDUC has started, which tries to bring the different offices of the member universities closer together, especially those responsible for international relations and internationalisation,"

said dr. István Tarrósy, Head of the International Centre, University of Pécs, then added: “The aim of this conference is twofold: in addition to the legitimacy and feasibility of internationalisation strategies, we are focusing on the question, which was also referred to in the welcome address by the Rector, dr. Attila Miseta, of how to develop joint degree programmes and different types of programmes among our partners, specifically programmes that are bring our curricula closer, which could be joint, double, multiple degree programmes. This is the main objective of EDUC Phase 2, not only to create a large virtual campus, which we have been working on in the past, but also to create tangible, deliverable, joint training programmes and joint research projects."

The first phase of the EDUC consortium is coming to an end, and the success of the collaboration will definitely lead to further joint work:

"The EDUC 2 application has been submitted and we will know the result this summer.

If all goes well, EDUC can continue with the second phase in autumn. We have submitted a three-month extension request for EDUC 1 to the European Commission to have a good preparation for the next phase. This means that this year will continue with the first phase winding down and moving straight into the second phase," said dr. István Tarrósy. On the second day of the hybrid conference, the partners continued discussing good practices and experiences in the field of dual degree production.

Interview with dr. Břetislav Dančák (Masaryk University) and dr. István Tarrósy (University of Pécs) »