MEMO on the On-line meeting of Becoming Project

Project Number: 2019-1-HU01-KA203-061251
Date:              28th September 2021

Venue:           On-line (Web conference)

Chairs:           Dr. Attila Gyenesei (Hun), Dr. Robert Herczeg (Hun), Robert Dudas (Hun), Jozsef Kun (Hun), Dirk Valkenberg (Bel), Dr Tomasz Burzykowski (Bel), Maria Szlachta (Pol), Witold Bauer (Pol), Axel Jan Rousseau (Bel)

General information

Robert Dudas: The current administrative information has been provided. The modified GANTT diagram was presented, according to which it was not possible to have a personal project meeting for some time, so the GANTT was also modified. We have to postpone TPM and ME from 03.2021 to 03.2022.

It is important to fill in timesheets and it is still necessary to have a written agreement with all the professionals involved. It is also possible to involve an external expert. Because of COVID, everyone at UP works online, making it difficult to sign paper-based documents.

Dr Tomasz Burzykovszki: We are in the same situation.


Evaluation of the interim report

We got back the assessment of the interim report from NA.
According to the report, authorities are satisfied with the results reached so far.
Dr Attila Gyenesei: Main objectives are to develop the syllabuses of the two modular courses, called “Classification and Machine Leaming” and “Data Visualization Methods”. These goals are reached only partially and need to be corrected if it is necessary. To be able to do that we have to revise again the complete professional materials.
Dr Tomasz Burzykowski: Because of COVID I think we are behind a little bit and we have to speed up the implementation. I have to admit that we didn't manage to involve an appropriate number of experts recently but we will try to do our best.
Witold Bauer: We have the same problem. I suggest that if any partner is able to take on tasks, we are even willing to hand over resources. Unfortunately, COVID greatly narrows the possibilities.
Budget allocation:

Dr Attila Gyenesei: We would have the capacity to take on tasks. I ask Róbert Dudás to prepare the modification request and the documentation required for the resource allocation.

Robert Dudas: I need to consult the authority in advance about the possibility. If approved, the document may be prepared for the next project meeting.

IO1, IO2:

Dr Attila Gyenesei: We need to work out the next 2 lessons in both IOs. Please get to work as soon as possible. The titles will be agreed upon later.

Draft versions should be prepared for the next project meeting.

Dr Tomasz Burzykowski and Witold Bauer: agree


Robert Dudas: If the situation allows, the next project meeting will be in Poland in November. This must be decided by 15.10.2021 at the latest