ERASMUS+ BECOMING transnational project meeting

ERASMUS+ BECOMING transnational project meeting
University of Pecs, Hungary

Date:                    07th December, 2022

Time:                    14:00 – 18:30

Venue:                 University of Pecs, Szentagothai Research Centre, Ifjusag street 20, 7624 Pecs, Hungary

Chairs:                 Dr. Attila Gyenesei  (UP)

Participants:       Prof dr Laszlo K Gabor (UP), Dr Robert Herczeg (UP), Robert Dudas (UP), Dirk Valkenborg (UH), Witold Bauer (MUB), Maria Szlachta, Dr Jozsef Kun, Csaba Dudas (UP), Petra Beres (UP)

The TPM involved the following agenda and discussion:


December 07 (Wednesday)- Transnational project meeting

14:30 –

Arrival and registration of the participants

14:35 – 14:45

Greetings by dr. Attila Gyenesei (UP)


Management, administrative and financial issues – Robert Dudas (UP)

15:15 – 16:15

Overview of the  Website and Moodle platform dr. Róbert Herczeg (UP)

16:15 – 16:35

Coffe break

16:35 – 18:00

Developed courses and contents – Dr Attila Gyenesei (UP)

18:00 -

Summary, next steps and closure of the meeting


Robert Dudas: The budget was reviewed from the perspective of project management. The entire resource was not used. The main reason for this was COVID. 2 Multiplier events had to be organized online, and 1 project meeting was also missed due to the pandemic.

Based on the Gantt chart, several events were rescheduled and costs were reallocated due to the lack of capacity. Mutually signed agreements were reached on all of this - attached to the final report.

dr Attila Gyenesei: The professional materials undertaken in the project have been completed. In addition to the commitments, the German and French translations of the materials were completed, a user manual and a unique video material were also prepared, which help the students and teachers to understand and use the professional material of BECOMING.

Robert Herczeg presented the Website and E-platform. During the presentation, we went through the entire process. Access begins with registration and then with an access code.

We tried logging in in several forms (student, instructor, interested). The course recording, chat room, calendar function also work perfectly.

The presentation of the courses was reviewed in detail. We also checked the quality of the translations.

The entire material will be presented at tomorrow’s multiplier event. Promotional materials were also reviewed and presented.


Dirk Walkenborg: Despite the difficulties, we managed to create a high-quality professional material, which is a solid basis for further cooperation. The application material was restructured during the term in order to present bioinformatics and biostatistics as clearly as possible, since there is hardly any literature and training available in this field. Another reason for the change in structure was that the specialists, teachers, and researchers participating in the project came to the conclusion that the available project framework did not provide an opportunity to present the higher-level specialist material in addition to the basics. A subsequent project (BECOMING2) will provide a framework for this, which the consortium will submit in 2023.

The materials have been completed and the consortium partners have agreed to organize the final ME by the end in Poland. This is well reflected in the attached GANTT diagram.