MEMO on the On-line meeting of Becoming Project

Project Number: 2019-1-HU01-KA203-061251

Date:              02nd March 2022

Venue:           On-line (Web conference)

Chairs:           Dr. Attila Gyenesei (Hun), Dr. Robert Herczeg (Hun), Robert Dudas (Hun), Jozsef Kun (Hun), Dirk Valkenberg (Bel), Dr Tomasz Burzykowski (Bel), Witold Bauer (Pol), Axel Jan Rousseau (Bel), Michal Dobrowolski (Pol)

General information

After welcome, the project manager presented the present situation in the BECOMING project.

Michal Dobrowolski: How we can allocate the budget from the PM category?

Robert Dudas: We can’t reallocate directly but we can use that budget as an additional source.


Development of IO1, IO2

Dr Attila Gyenesei: We are doing relatively well with the professional material, but there is still a backlog. The biggest problem will be the translation.

Tomasz Burzykowski: we have to employ or involv someone who will do it.

Multiplier Event in Belgium:

Robert Dudas: to ensure the target audience needs to be sent out invitations. I will prepare the necessary supporting document (attendance sheet)

Dirk Valkenberg: I will send it out.


Appearance, function, details, questions – Dr Robert Herczeg

Next steps:

Next transnational project meeting and multiplier event will be in Belgium in April 2022